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Denver Odor Ordinance Update

The City and County of Denver passed an odor ordinance on May 2, 2016.  In order to establish rules for all businesses to follow an Odor Advisory Group was formed.  The group has been working on the rules since May 2016 and will be concluding their work this month.  Once the Odor Advisory Group finalizes [...]

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Reminder: Marijuana Edible Rule Changes Taking Effect

On October 1, 2016, some major changes will rock the market for marijuana edibles.  While many MIPs have been extremely proactive about preparing for the coming changes, others have been slower to adapt.  As implementation deadlines approach, it’s critical to revisit these new rules and make sure your business is ready for the changes. First, [...]

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Edible Shapes: Fact and Fiction

Since the inception of regulated cannabis in Colorado, edible marijuana products have received quite a bit of press.  Most recently, there was quite a stir surrounding Colorado HB 16-1436 which prohibits edibles from taking the shape of humans, animals, or fruits.  While it is difficult to track to the original source, rumors quickly spread in [...]

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MED Rulemaking 101

Each year, Colorado legislature has the ability to pass laws that impact the cannabis industry. When such laws are passed, regulators are tasked with adding provisions to existing regulations in order to reflect the new laws.  This process is called rule promulgation. This year, there were a number of new laws passed that impacted the [...]

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MED Disciplinary Action

Every enforcement action by the MED in 2015 was queried by industry leading cannabis attorney Sean McAllister of McAllister Law office. The report provides critical insights into what infractions the MED penalizes cannabis operators for and should be used as a tool to focus your efforts for instilling better compliance practices in your business. Interestingly, [...]

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Pesticides Update

As many of our readers are aware, the list of allowed pesticides maintained by the Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) changes rather frequently.  The CDA is tasked with reviewing pesticides individually to determine if certain criteria are met which satisfy CDA policies surrounding pesticide use on marijuana.  Other states (such as Washington and Oregon) have [...]

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Ownership Reallocation Pro Tips

The intake officers at the Marijuana Enforcement Division do their best to keep the industry informed with changes to the application process and required documents needed to perform a change of ownership (COO) or change of structure.  However, things are constantly changing so we wanted to take a moment to share some best practices. Below [...]

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Delayed Medical Testing

Last week, the MED published an industry bulletin surrounding the medical testing regulations we reported on in our last blog post.  In short, the MED has delayed the implementation of medical testing and it appears as though medical testing will be rolled out in a phased approach based on the various testing categories.  The first [...]

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Mandatory Testing for Medical Marijuana

Mandatory testing for medical marijuana will begin July 1, 2016 in the State of Colorado.  The testing requirements that are in effect for retail marijuana will be applied to both retail and medical marijuana placing all marijuana produced by licensed facilities under the same testing standards.  Licensed cultivators and marijuana infused product manufacturers will be [...]

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Updated MED Fees – Permitted Economic Interests & Plant Count

Pursuant to MED emergency rules effective March 24, 2016, many fees have been added and modified to account for modifications in MED rules including the addition of Permitted Economic Interests (PEIs) and modified retail cultivation extended plant count tiers. Complia has engaged with the MED directly on this matter, and we have received confirmation that the fee schedule currently [...]

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