Recordkeeping Best Practices

Running a marijuana business isn’t easy.  Between 208E, ever evolving MED regulation, and a new Attorney General with a poor track record on cannabis, sometimes it can be hard to sleep at night.  To make matters worse, running a compliant cannabis business means keeping track of lots of paperwork.  It’s mind boggling to think that [...]

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Colorado Permitted Economic Interest (PEI) – FAQs

Since the beginning of 2016, the MED has required companies to submit a Permitted Economic Interest Application (PEI) for all individuals that contribute funds or services to a licensed marijuana business if the contribution can be converted to ownership at some point in the future. Examples of these include unsecured convertible debt instruments, option agreements, [...]

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Top 5 Interview Questions to Ask a Marijuana Compliance Officer Candidate

Recently, we were invited to write a piece for our friends over at Marijuana Media regarding interview questions to keep in mind when vetting a compliance officer candidate.  Check out the article here.  We hope you enjoy 5 Interview Questions to ask a Compliance Officer Candidate! Yours in Compliance, Team Complia ------------------------------------------------------(Article Below)--------------------------------------------------------- Hiring a [...]

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Preview of New Colorado Marijuana Compliance Rules

As many of our readers are aware, rulemaking has been ongoing in Colorado for the last several weeks.  While the final rules are not yet available, we want to preview some of the changes that might soon become official that effect marijuana compliance.  Again, these are not yet official changes, but there are some exciting [...]

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New One Ounce Equivalency Rules

October 1 means big changes for the cannabis industry in Colorado.  We’ve already written about changes surrounding edibles.  Industry participants also need to be aware of changes in retail sales limits. Per industry bulletin 15-12, Rule R 402 (C) 1.5 becomes effective October 1, 2016.  This rule states: "Sales Transaction to a Colorado Resident. This [...]

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Anyone with a hand in the world of cannabis can’t help but be aware of the recent pesticide scandals that have dominated headlines.  It’s been a challenging time for both operators and regulators alike as the industry begins to tackle the challenge of pesticide regulation.  In order to fully understand what’s at stake and best [...]

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Best Practices: MMJ Pesticide Quarantine and Hold Orders

In light of the many recent quarantine and hold orders issued by both the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) and Denver Environment Health (DEH), it’s important to take a moment to ensure your business is well prepared to handle quarantine and hold orders or even a potential recall for marijuana pesticides or other issues.  While strong [...]

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Local MMJ Regulations – Stay Current!

This week at CompliaHQ we want to take a moment to remind our customers about a Boulder city checklist that is not well advertised and the importance of staying current with local regulations.  At a recent working group meeting in Boulder, the complications caused from the scrutiny of additional background checks for Manager level employees was brought [...]

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Happy 4/20 – Top 5 Cannabis Compliance Tips

Happy 4/20.  You've earned it.   Here are five tips from our cannabis compliance officers to keep in mind as you celebrate your best year yet. 1.  Despite the crowds, encourage staff to remain diligent when checking IDs.  Selling to a minor is one of the most serious marijuana licensing offenses. 2.  Remain cognizant of advertising rules, including [...]

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MED: Microbial Testing Q

Dear Complia, When did microbial testing of recreational flower become required? Thanks, Billy Dear Billy, There is not a simple answer to this question.  On August 26, 2015 the Marijuana Enforcement Division issued a bulletin indicating microbial testing would become mandatory on September 23, 2015.  On September 25, the Marijuana Enforcement Division issued a follow up bulletin [...]

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