We recently had the chance to catch up with Laura Davis, the former Director of Compliance at a leading multi-state cannabis company.  Laura has decades of experience working in the compliance arena and has worked with a wide range of compliance software solutions. With more than 150 employees and several locations, Laura had a big job with a lot at stake

By the Numbers…

1000+ hours saved last year by using Complia

$50,000+ Total estimated savings per year by using Complia

$1,500,000 Potential aggregate cost of business interruption due to compliance issues

Clarity & Peace of Mind

Like most of us in Colorado, Laura had concerns with approaching testing regulations like Potency Profile and Process Validation without the right systems in place.  Complia helped Laura and her team see through the complexity of these regulations and confidently take advantage of the cost savings associated with these regulations.

Collaboration & Best Practices

Complia allowed Laura and the compliance team to efficiently and effectively manage their operations.  With team members scattered across job functions and locations, Complia brought organization and order to the team.

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