This week we’ll take a break from our usual compliance oriented content to provide some exciting updates from Complia headquarters.  In working with marijuana business, we quickly came to understand that many government regulatory agencies face some unique challenges in the cannabis industry.  As a result, we developed a suite of solutions specifically for cannabis regulatory agencies. In fact, we are proud to call the State of Montana and the State of Maryland our customers! 

Complia offers three specific solutions to state, city, and county regulators: business licensing, employee credentialing (badging), and patient registration.  In short, our technology is able turn archaic and inefficient paper-based processes into streamlined and efficient digital applications. We’ve found that bringing technology to these old school systems has profound impacts on both regulators and businesses alike.

Ever been turned away by a regulator for using an old form, forgetting a specific document, or failing to complete a requirement?  You’re not alone! Complia addresses this problem head on by configuring digital applications such that only properly prepared and complete applications can be submitted.  We also include helpful tips and information throughout the application to help guide folks through some of the more tricky components.

Every wondered why it takes so long for your applications to be reviewed?  It’s a laborious and time intensive process to work through all of your paperwork that usually involves several stakeholders.  Complia’s regulator portal breaks applications into digestible, bite-sized chunks that help keep regulators organized.  Moreover, regulators can provide feedback on your application directly through the platform without having to pick up the phone or start a new email thread.  This rapid and iterative process dramatically reduces the time it takes to review your application.

If you work with a regulatory agency that might benefit from our solution, please let us know and we would love to get in touch.  We hope that our new government product continues to impact the industry in many states and cities to come! Drop us a line at to learn more.

Yours in Compliance,

Team Complia