Incredibles is undoubtedly a global leader in the marijuana edibles market.  As one of our earliest customers, incredibles has taken advantage of Complia’s compliance solutions since November 2016.  Colin Mudd has led the compliance department at incredibles for a number of years and is one of the foremost experts on edibles compliance and regulation.  With operations across multiple states, Colin and his team rely on Complia to maintain the highest levels of compliance.


By the Numbers…

$100,000:  Cost of a fine in Colorado for a public safety violation

$50,000+:  Total estimated savings per year by using Complia’s test data module alone

$Millions:  Costs of compliance related business interruptions


Proactive, Not Reactive

In world where rules and regulations are constantly shifting and the next big deadline is around the corner, many of us in the cannabis industry are constantly reacting to the needs of the business.  Since implementing Complia, incredibles has further advanced its culture of proactive compliance.  License renewals are always submitted weeks ahead of schedule and employees are reminded of badge expirations before it’s too late.


Public Health and Safety

As a leading manufacturer of edibles, incredibles is constantly under the microscope of state and city health officials.  With the utmost ease, Colin and his team can retrieve potency and contaminant test reports on demand. No better way to keep your regulators happy!


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