Last week, the Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB – the MED of Washington), issued an industry bulletin which detailed the removal of a pesticide from Washington’s approved pesticide list.  Specifically, Azatrol Hydro Botanical Insecticide (EPA Reg. No. 2217-836) and Gordon’s Professional Turf & Ornamental Products Azatrol EC Insecticide (EPA Reg. No. 2217-836) are no longer allowed for use on marijuana in Washington.  The bulletin goes on to explain that “these products contains undisclosed pesticide ingredients not allowed for use on marijuana in Washington.”

Most of our readers are based in Colorado, so you might be asking yourself, “Why do I care?”  Turns out, this product is approved for use in Colorado.  Check out Colorado’s list of approved pesticides here.  It’s not yet clear how the CDA will respond to these findings, but we urge our readers to tread cautiously when it comes to pesticides.  We continue to hear about recalls (the MED issued two last week), so the issue is far from behind us.

Cultivators – Take some time to review your cultivation SOPs, and take some time to remind your staff of the importance of sticking to them.  Be sure to sign up for the CDA email list here.  If you’re using Azatrol Hydro Botanical Insecticide, it’s probably a good idea to reconsider using it while the dust settles.

Dispensaries/MIPs – Really take some time to get to know your cultivation partners.  Recalls are never fun, so it’s critical to vet your suppliers thoroughly.


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marijuana compliance expert