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Pesticides – Stay on your Toes!

Last week, the Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB - the MED of Washington), issued an industry bulletin which detailed the removal of a pesticide from Washington’s approved pesticide list.  Specifically, Azatrol Hydro Botanical Insecticide (EPA Reg. No. 2217-836) and Gordon’s Professional Turf & Ornamental Products Azatrol EC Insecticide (EPA Reg. No. 2217-836) are no [...]

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BREAKING: Transporter Update

In the last several weeks, there has been quite a bit of chatter about the Transporter licenses recently issued by the MED.  Just this week, the MED issued Industry Bulletin 17-04 to clarify the issue.  In short, marijuana transports between licensed marijuana businesses must be facilitated by employees of MED licensed entities or by an [...]

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Process Validation Refresher Part 2: MIPs

Last week we kicked off a two part series on process validation.  It’s a complicated topic that we receive many questions on, so we figured it was about time to revisit the subject.  Last week’s post focused on the implications of process validation for cultivators.  Today’s post is geared towards MIPs.  Before you read on, [...]

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