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Process Validation Refresher Part 1: Cultivation

Here at Complia HQ, we get lots of miscellaneous compliance questions from readers in Colorado and from across the country.  We love these questions and are always happy to help (so please keep the questions coming!).  Interestingly, in the last few weeks, we’ve received countless inquiries surrounding process validation.  Process validation may sound like a [...]

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MED Industry Bulletin – MIP to MIP Transfers and Changes in Location

The MED recently issued Industry Bulletin 17-03 concerning House Bill 17-1034.  HB 17-1034 included a clause that ensured the bill became effective upon the Governor’s signature.  So while we’ll likely see formal rulemaking around the provisions contained within the bill, there are a few important components that have already taken effect: MIP to MIP Transfers [...]

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