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New MED Position Statement – Transactions and Limits

Recently the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division published a new position statement regarding purchase limits.  As a reminder to our readers, position statements are issued by the MED after someone formally requests clarity on a particular topic.  You can read up on position statement protocol in R 104. In this case, an attorney in Denver requested [...]

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Keep the Feds Happy – Cole Memo Reminders

Here at Complia HQ, we typically write about issues surrounding the Marijuana Enforcement Division or other Colorado-specific regulatory issues.  While it is absolutely critical to comply with state and local regulations, it’s also important to regularly revisit the Cole Memo.  For those who don’t know, the Cole Memo is the closest thing we have to [...]

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Life After 420 – Marijuana Enforcement Division Industry Bulletin

Shortly before 420, the Marijuana Enforcement Division put out Industry Bulletin 17-02 covering a wide range of topics that often come up around April 20.  We hope all of our readers had a safe and prosperous holiday and kept this MED guidance in mind to avoid any potential compliance infractions.  Even though 420 is now behind [...]

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