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Marijuana Pesticide and Other Impacts

Since 2015, the intersection of pesticides and cannabis has been a hot button issue.  While the pesticide controversy first emerged in Colorado, a number of other markets across the country have experienced some growing pains too with marijuana pesticide.  Beyond the US, License Producers (LPs) in Canada have also run into challenges.  It goes without [...]

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Marijuana Process Validation Update

At the end of January, the MED issued Industry Bulletin 17-01 regarding a change to total yeast and mold testing methodologies.  The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment increased the required incubation time for these types of tests in order to ensure accuracy.  While this will certainly have an impact on test turnaround times, [...]

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Virtual Transfers

Since the launch of the METRC system in 2014, a great deal of confusion has surrounded transferring medical cannabis from an OPC to an unaligned Center or MIP.  Transferring marijuana from an OPC to it’s aligned Center has always been straightforward.  However, there have always been a range of opinions as to the transfer of [...]

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