Since the inception of the most recent round of MED rule revisions, we’ve written on a number of changes including performance based compensation, the 48 hour rule, signage requirements, and residual solvent cutoff levels.  All of these new rules took effect January 1 so if you haven’t had a chance to review these posts, be sure to give them a quick read over!  Today we’ll cover a new labeling rule for marijuana potency, but fortunately operators have a few months to come into compliance with this new requirement.

Specifically, the following language was added:

The potency shall be labeled either:

i. In a font size that is at least two font sizes larger than the surrounding label text and also not less than 10 point font, bold, and enclosed within an outlined shape such as a circle or square; or

ii. Highlighted with a bright color such as yellow.

This requirement is broadly applicable to all product types and categories (flower, concentrates, infused products) on both the med and rec side.  See R 1004 B 1 m, R 1005.5 B 2.1, R 1006 B 1 f, R 1007.5 B 2.1, M 1004.5 B 1 m, M 1005 B 2.1, M 1006 B 1 g, and M 1007 B 2.1.

While this rule doesn’t take effect until October 1, 2017, we urge operators to start planning for this change.  Labeling changes often require labeling redesigns, new processes, and employee training all of which can take considerable time and resources.  This is especially applicable to operators who rely on POS label printers that might lack the features or sophistication to adhere to the new requirements.

On an unrelated note, we also want to notify our readers that in December, the MED updated its license renewal forms.  For those that don’t know, Complia automatically completes your renewal packets (much like TurboTax does your tax paperwork).  Our team caught the new forms as soon as they were made available and Complia customers didn’t have a thing to worry about.  If you’re interested in producing your renewals with Complia, drop us a line at

Yours in Compliance,

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