As most of our readers are aware, several new MED rules take effect January 1, 2017.  To date we’ve written about changes to residual solvent cut off levels and the 48 hour rule.  We continue this mini series today with an update on signage requirements.

Specifically, we want to highlight some new language added in R 402 L 2:

Any Retail Marijuana Concentrate displayed in a Retail Marijuana Store must include the potency of the concentrate on a sign next to the name of the product.

  1. The font on the sign must be large enough for a consumer to reasonably see from the location where a consumer would usually view the concentrate.
  2. The potency displayed on the sign must be within plus or minus fifteen percent of the concentrate’s actual potency.

While this rule is primarily directed at Retail Marijuana Stores, we see this as a great opportunity for MIPs to lend a helping hand and benefit from some great brand exposure.  Specifically, MIPs could make these signs for their dispensary clients and include them with new orders.  Not only does this help out the dispensaries, it’s also a great way to ensure that the signage next to your product is professional and fully compliant.

This new rule isn’t rocket science, but it’s important to take action before the end of the year.  It’s easy to let these little things slip through the cracks, especially around the holiday season.  Carve out a few minutes this week to make sure your shop is ready for the new year.


Yours in Compliance,

Team Complia