With the end of November rapidly approaching, many businesses are scrambling to submit license renewals for those licenses that expire December 31, 2016.  There have been two minor (but important) updates to the MED renewal process we wanted to loop our readers in on to avoid any undue headache!

First, we recently learned that the Prohibited Sales of Medical Marijuana under age 21 Affidavit, (applicable for dual use dispensaries) must only be submitted with renewal packets if the MED doesn’t already have a copy on file.  As a matter of best practice, it couldn’t hurt to bring a copy along to be on the safe side.  However, our contacts at the MED have confirmed that this form is not required annually.  That said, if your business undergoes a change of ownership, please be sure to complete the form with the new ownership represented.

Additionally, the MED Forms and Publications website was updated with a warning that indicates that all forms that require a notary signature must be completed by all owners.  However, this is in direct conflict with the DR 8546e MED Business Renewal Application checklist (page 2) which indicates some items require only one owner sign (such as the Affirmation & Consent as well as the Investigation Authorization/Authorization to Release Information.  Our contacts at the MED confirmed that all owners must complete the Affirmation & Consent as well as the Investigation Authorization/Authorization to Release despite the language on the checklist.  We also learned that a new checklist/renewal form may be released in the coming months.  We’ll be sure to keep you posted!

License renewals are time consuming, require great attention to detail, and involve requirements that are constantly evolving as detailed above.  Complia has developed the industry’s first automated license renewal tool.  With just a few clicks, Complia will automatically complete your renewal paperwork just like Turbo Tax does your tax paperwork.  Please drop us a line at teamcomplia@mycomplia.com if you’d like a demo!


Yours in Compliance,

Team Complia