On October 19, the MED issued an important bulletin clarifying some ambiguity in the packaging and labeling rules that took effect October 1.  As many of our readers are aware, several new measures were implemented October 1, most notably the requirement for a new Universal Symbol which must be stamped on edible products.  Beginning October 1, MIPs were only authorized to transport product that was in full compliance with the new rules.  As for the old product left on dispensary shelves, the rules allow sales of these products until November 30.

However, some questions remained surrounding concentrates and flower.  Fortunately, the MED issued Industry Bulletin 16-14 to clarify these matters.  In short, the MED has expanded the October 1 – November 30 “grace period” to all medical marijuana categories including concentrates and flower.  As such, dispensaries can sell items that are compliant under rules governing packaging and labeling prior to October 1 until November 30.

If your dispensary still has inventory that is not compliant with the new packaging and labeling regulations, we encourage you to sell this product first and perhaps even offer promotions to help turnover this inventory.  If any of this inventory remains come November 30, you’ll be left with no choice but to destroy it.  Please plan ahead!

On an unrelated note, the MED recently created an email list.  We encourage all of our readers to subscribe here.

Yours in Compliance,

Team Complia