As we reported at the end of June, medical testing rules that were supposed to take effect July 1 were delayed.  At the end of last week, the MED issued a bulletin updating the industry, and it seems certain components of medical testing will finally go live.  Specifically, medical flower potency testing rules detailed in M 1503 (B) will go live on November 1.

As with retail flower potency testing, medical flower testing requires testing each strain for potency at least one time prior to transferring any flower of that strain to any other license.  Additionally, each strain must be tested for potency at least four times prior to April 1, 2017 or six months after cultivation begins on a strain, whichever is later.  Each of these four tests must be separated by at least a week.

It is our understanding that any medical tests performed prior to this point cannot count towards these requirements.  We have reached out to the MED to further determine if testing performed between the time of the bulletin and November 1 will be compliant with this bulletin.

Update (10/11/16 – 10:30 AM): We heard from one of our contacts at the MED and it seems as though testing performed prior to 11/1 will not count towards the testing requirements.  That said, we also got the impression a final decision remains pending.  If you hear something one way or the other, please reach out and let us know!

There is no word yet on other medical testing requirements, but it seems they aren’t too far off.  We’ll keep our readers posted as things continue to unfold.

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