October 1 means big changes for the cannabis industry in Colorado.  We’ve already written about changes surrounding edibles.  Industry participants also need to be aware of changes in retail sales limits.

Per industry bulletin 15-12, Rule R 402 (C) 1.5 becomes effective October 1, 2016.  This rule states:

“Sales Transaction to a Colorado Resident. This subparagraph (C)(1.5) is effective beginning January 1, 2016. A Retail Marijuana Store and its employees are prohibited from selling more than one ounce of Retail Marijuana flower or its equivalent in Retail Marijuana Concentrate or Retail Marijuana Product during a sales transaction to a Colorado resident.

a. One ounce of Retail Marijuana flower shall be equivalent to eight grams of Retail Marijuana Concentrate.

b. One ounce of Retail Marijuana flower shall be equivalent to 80 ten milligram servings of THC in Retail Marijuana Product.”

In other words, a retail customer may purchase one ounce of flower OR eight grams of concentrate OR 800 mg of infused product.  Customers may also mix and match but the aggregate must remain within compliance of the one ounce of flower equivalency.  So, for example, a customer could purchase a half ounce of flower, two grams of concentrate, and 200 mg of infused product.  Or, that customer could purchase four grams of concentrate and 400 mg of infused product.  There are a wide range of possible purchase combinations, but all purchases must be equivalent to one ounce or less of flower.

Moreover, per HB 1216, Section 8, non-edible, non-psychoactive retail marijuana products, including ointments, lotions, balms, and other non-transdermal topical products are NOT subject to the one ounce limitation.

Further, it is worth noting that this rule also applies to out of state customers per industry bulletin 16-11.

This is a lot of math!  Need some help crunching the numbers?  Drop us a line at teamcomplia@mycomplia.com.

Yours in Compliance,