Last week, the MED published an industry bulletin surrounding the medical testing regulations we reported on in our last blog post.  In short, the MED has delayed the implementation of medical testing and it appears as though medical testing will be rolled out in a phased approach based on the various testing categories.  The first will be flower potency testing.

The MED also clarified that beginning July 1, retail testing labs will only be authorized to accept retail samples.  Retail licenses will no longer be able to conduct medical testing for research purposes.

Moreover, we followed up with the MED to inquire about voluntary testing for those operators that are enthusiastic about starting medical testing in July, despite the delay of required medical testing.  Our contacts have clarified that licensees may submit medical samples to medical labs (provided they are fully licensed); however, those results may not count towards process validation.

We recommend you check in with your lab to see where they stand in the process of obtaining their medical license.  If it appears your lab may not be on track, now is the time to start building a relationship with another lab.

The Complia team will continue to monitor this situation closely.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can help your organization stay prepared!


Yours in Compliance,

Team Complia