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Anyone with a hand in the world of cannabis can’t help but be aware of the recent pesticide scandals that have dominated headlines.  It’s been a challenging time for both operators and regulators alike as the industry begins to tackle the challenge of pesticide regulation.  In order to fully understand what’s at stake and best [...]

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MED License Renewal Pro Tips

RENEWALS! As you know, each State Marijuana License renews on an annual basis, but the information and documents required each year vary. Here are a few tips and best practices for submitting your license renewal to ensure it is accepted the first time around: SINGLE SIDED-Documents submitted to the MED must be single sided or they will [...]

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MJ Process Validation – A Valuable but Delicate Compliance Asset

Process Validation - A Valuable but Delicate Compliance Asset Thankfully, the updated MED rules published November 30, 2015 finally allow for a somewhat reasonable and straightforward procedure for process validation. Process validation allows licensed cannabis operators in Colorado to conduct a series of tests to demonstrate that their processes are robust and as a result, [...]

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Updated MED Fees – Permitted Economic Interests & Plant Count

Pursuant to MED emergency rules effective March 24, 2016, many fees have been added and modified to account for modifications in MED rules including the addition of Permitted Economic Interests (PEIs) and modified retail cultivation extended plant count tiers. Complia has engaged with the MED directly on this matter, and we have received confirmation that the fee schedule currently [...]

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Best Practices: MMJ Pesticide Quarantine and Hold Orders

In light of the many recent quarantine and hold orders issued by both the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) and Denver Environment Health (DEH), it’s important to take a moment to ensure your business is well prepared to handle quarantine and hold orders or even a potential recall for marijuana pesticides or other issues.  While strong [...]

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